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New Garage Door Installation - Garland Garage Door

garland garage door repair - garland garage door 3Your garage door provides more than shelter for your car and added security for your home. It’s also a way to increase the aesthetic value of your home. Or it’s also a way of completing a home improvement project that’s way overdue. In any case, a new garage door can add so much to your home. And Garland Garage Door can help you with our new garage door installation service.


Before your new garage door gets installed, however, you’ll need to make decisions. Those decisions are about the various features that you want your garage door to have. In the past, you might not have given too much thought to the kind of features you’d like your garage door to have. However, you eventually came to appreciate its importance.

So here then are a few features that you just might want to think about when you’re going to have your new garage door installed:


Style and design might be the first thing that you notice in your garage door or any part of the house. But it’s not the immediate thing that comes to mind when you think about a garage door. You’d probably think of some other feature first, such as the material of the door or some other quality. 

Still, the style of your garage door is importan, They provide a representation of your personal tastes and preferences and that’s what other people see. And these days, there are plenty of styles and designs to choose from. Garland Garage Door offers styles that can update the look of your home.


What your garage door is made from is a particularly crucial detail. Several considerations need to be made. For one, you’d want it to be the most durable material that you can possibly get. Generally speaking, steel is the most popular choice for garage door material. It has all if not most of the qualities that homeowners are looking for in their garage door. 

Steel is tough, durable, weather-resistant, almost free from maintenance, and doesn’t oxidize easily. It also comes in various styles. Keep in mind though that there many other quality materials to choose from. Just make sure that you select the one that best fits your home’s overall look as well as your own sense of style.


Color is one feature that you can play around with. You can use any color you want on your garage door. But you can also be smart about your choice and use industrially treated options from the manufacturer. Our team at Garland Garage Door can help and guide you to make the best color choices for your home’s garage door.


Last but definitely not least is insulation. This feature is very important especially if your garage is directly connected to the rest of your house. In particular, if it’s connected to your living area. We have a range of garage doors that offer different thermal insulation and our team is happy to help you choose the best fit for your home depending on your insulation requirements. This is a major part of our new garage door installation service.

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