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Garland, TX is no stranger to huge houses on massive lots. This is where you expect to see automatic driveway gates. However, you can also see this kind of gate with average houses. We install and repair any kinds of automatic driveway gates in the Garland area regularly for homeowners and business owners. There are some who just need repair and there are also some who want to have a new driveway gate installed. We can do both for you. Contact Garland Garage Door and Gate now!

A good quality driveway gate doesn’t have to be very expensive. It will all depend on the size and details of the design you will choose. The cost for a new driveway gate also depends on what kind you choose.

Security: An automatic driveway gate protects children and pets from wandering off and keeps unwanted vehicles and strangers from entering the property.

Increased Property Value: By enhancing security, a gate has the potential to increase property value and resale price of your home. Insurance companies will also give you a reduction of payment because of this.

Classy Appeal: When installed correctly, an automatic driveway gate has a regal presence that instantly improves the look of any home. They will look stunning and outstanding.

Choosing a Gate

Material: Most automatic driveway gates are made from aluminum or powder-coated steel. Wood gates are available as well, but they are heavy and prone to cracking and deforming. They also require more maintenance than metal gates.

Design: Automatic driveway gates are installed with many unique designs. Some of the standard designs are:

Flat-Top – The simplest style of them all. The upper rail of this style is horizontal and perfectly straight.
Arched-Top Type: A standard arched-top gate is bent to form a gentle upward arch.
Arched-Top with Finial design: The difference between standard and with finials has to do with the rods. The rods extend past the top bar in an arched-top with finials and are finished with a decorative finial.
Professional Assessment

These are just a few of the most basic choices when selecting your automatic driveway gate installation. Let our expert technicians help you identify what will best fit your needs. Contact Garland Garage Door and Gate now!


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