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Residential Garage Door Repairs - Garland Garage Door

garland garage door repair - garland garage door 4Do-It-Yourself (DIY) enthusiasts have always been around. But they are growing in number as more and more homeowners want to do projects on their own. And those involve home improvement or home repair projects, in particular. 

Of course, having that kind of desire and enthusiasm to do things on their own is great. But it depends on the kind of project that they want to take on. If it’s a simple project that is not too complex or requires a specific skill set, then they’re good to go.

In the case of a garage door project, going DIY shouldn’t even be considered. Garage doors are just too complicated to handle on your own even if you’re used to doing things on your own. It’s the kind of project that’s best left to professionals – those who actually have the skills, experience, and equipment to do it right. 

Garland Garage Door has a team of experts that can handle residential garage door repairs for you. Check out what we have to offer:


Having the right knowledge and experience is a requirement for repairing and dealing with garage doors. Homeowners usually don’t have that kind of knowledge, skills, and experience. If they insist on going the DIY route, the problem can end up being worse than what it was before. The amount spent as well as the time used will be much more than if they let the experts do it. Some unexpected injuries could also result from the attempt. It’s definitely not worth risking any of that.


There’s no question about it – repairs for residential garage doors should be handled by professionals. A few things could go wrong if they’re not the ones to do it. Here are some of the possible problems that could happen:

  • Falls – There’s a danger that anyone attempting to fix the garage door can fall to the ground. The height that one needs to reach when repairing garage doors is at least 10 feet.
  • Spring Problems – Problems with springs don’t always occur, but when they do they can be serious. Torsion springs have the potential to be fast and dangerous projectiles when not properly handled. It can cause accidents and injuries.
  • Weight Problems – Weight problems could occur because garage doors are quite heavy. And when you’re dealing with all that weight, collapses can happen. There’s no way you could carry it on your own and it would be best to just call for expert assistance.


If you require residential garage door repair or replacement, our team that’s made up of professionals can help. They’ll conduct an assessment and then determine the damage, its extent, and if there are parts that need to be replaced. Call us at Garland Garage Door if you want to learn more about how we can help!

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