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garland garage door repair - garland garage door 5Commercial garage doors are always in demand. Especially those industrial grade garage doors that are not just durable and heavy-duty but also look great. It adds a lot of value to the business. The same is true for businesses in Garland, Texas. They want the advantages that come with quality commercial garage door service and We at Garland Garage Door is there to provide it.

A business wants to look appealing to its customers while being able to provide high-level service. Having a quality garage door can help them attain that goal. Our excellent garage door services will help guarantee that you’ll achieve it. Aside from our services, we also offer garage doors made from materials such as steel, wood, and aluminum.


At Garland Garage Door, we fully understand the needs of every business and what we can do to help. We have a good understanding of how commercial garage doors can play a part in impacting their business and become instrumental in its success. 

Our commercial garage doors are designed not just to look good but also to be durable and last a long time. We know that daily use can be tough and garage doors need to be sturdy enough. Specific businesses that can benefit from quality garage doors are storage buildings, automotive businesses, car washes, restaurants, sports facilities, fire and EMT houses, and more.

Our services meet business needs since we don’t just sell but also install and repair commercial garage doors.


Regular maintenance is key in making sure that commercial garage doors are always functioning properly. Daily use leads to a breakdown of the door due to wear and tear. In turn, that could lead to risks and safety issues for the people who use the garage door. What we do is provide a regular maintenance program service for our customers, which will ensure that their garage doors are able to perform for a long time. Everyone will benefit from this program, from the employees to the customers to the structure itself.


If you require commercial garage door service for repairs, installation, or maintenance, simply call us now at Garland Garage Door! You’ll get the level of quality service that your business truly deserves to help keep it going and successful for many more years!

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